Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaners

Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaners

There is much more to a good wet and dry vacuum cleaner than pure suction power alone. This is determined by the overall structure with all filter and control elements, ergonomics, stability and optimal accessories. Kärcher has been continuously setting new standards with innovative technology in this area – and always places great important on an excellent price-performance ratio.

Tact Class

NT vacuums with patented Tact system for uninterrupted use with consistently high suction power - even for large amounts of fine dust. The filter cleans itself with powerful blasts of air. Tact vacuums meet the highest user requirements on construction sites and in workshops.

Ap Class

The powerful all-round vacuum cleaners in the Ap class remove liquid and moist dirt as well as medium fine dust. The semi-automatic filter cleaning feature keeps the filter clean for maximum suction power. The cleaning process is started manually. For uninterrupted and efficient use.


Standard Class

The standard class vacuum cleaners have been designed specifically for coarse dirt and large liquid volumes. These extremely robust, durable and easy to handle machines are used by contract cleaners on a daily basis.

Safety Vacuum Systems

Kärcher safety vacuum cleaners protect the health of operators exposed to respirable fine dust or health-endangering dusts such as asbestos dust.


Special Vacuum Systems

Kärcher offers special vacuums to meet the needs of bakers and fire brigades. These fire brigade vacuums with disposal pump feature the latest safety systems; our baker vacuums are completely heat-resistant.

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