Process Pumps

Process Pumps

The leading manufacturer of plunger pumps for high pressure industrial processes.


Hammelmann process pumps can be found operating on a daily basis in a large number of varying applications: methanol and glycol injection, pumping produced water down hole, dosing co-monomers during LDPE manufacture, high pressure extraction in the fatty alcohol process, mill scale removal, non woven fabric production and many, many more.


Pump design
Hammelmann manufacture Triplex and Quintuplex pumps in vertical design.

Pump head
The coaxial valve arrangement eliminates alternating stress within the valve block.

Suction chamber
The process fluid enters the pump via the suction chamber. This totally encloses the high pressure components in a protective barrier.

Power end
The power end is hermetically sealed off from its' surroundings by a bellows system. The integral gearbox and vertical construction result in a compact footprint.

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